Strategic Watch

We help you identify the most innovative companies and technologies in Silicon Valley, New York City, or Los Angeles to achieve your innovation objectives. Our team of analysts creates exclusive and customized strategic reports to accompany your innovation strategy. We act as your agile intelligence unit based in Silicon Valley, where the newest trends are emerging.

What’s in it for you?


Our user-centric approach will allow you to anticipate changes in your customers’ expectations so your strategy is proactive (not reactive). We explore the future of your industry with the constant objective of helping you create new markets and revenue streams. By working with our teams, you:


  • Stay connected in real time to the tech ecosystem through a curated strategic watch and analysis 
  • Feed your in-house innovation
  • Detect new trends from weak signals to shape the future of your industry
How does it work?


You receive a curated strategic watch and analysis on your high-priority topics: tech innovation, competitor’s update, startup benchmarks, consumer study, and more. Our reports can be comparative, leveraging our teams in China and Europe. We deliver in the form of a single report or ongoing service through on-demand content and “on-call” expert access.


Choose the best suited format to fit your priorities: Deep-dive strategic report, Startup sourcing, Toolkit, Case Study etc. 


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