We deliver customized programs to accelerate your digital transformation

Digital is pervasive and accelerates disruptions in every industry. We believe that customer-centricity and agility are key success factors in the new economy. We help you accelerate your transformation and engage your talents through awareness, insights, alignment, strategy and upskilling, all on a massive scale

Strategic Watch and Partner Sourcing


We help you identify the most innovative and relevant companies and technologies in Silicon Valley, NYC or Los Angeles to achieve your innovation objectives. Our team of analysts creates exclusive and customized strategic reports to accompany your innovation strategy. Then, we carefully source the right partners for your growth. 

Delivered as a single report or ongoing service.

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On-Demand Access to Experts


For a team brainstorm or company offsite, one of our experts will offer a presentation on how emerging trends in Silicon Valley are changing the lay of the land for your industry. We’ll offer strategic insights to help you stay ahead of your competitors, and inspire your teams. Choose among our Masterclasses or let us know if you would like a customized study. Industries we follow include: InsureTech and Banking, FoodTech, Mobility, HealthTech, Energy, Sustainability, and more.

Proofs of Concept


We help you build a digital customer experience prototype. 

Prototyping new solutions in collaboration with startups or with our tech teams to drive your innovation at startup speed and test transformation opportunities at minimal cost.

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Position your organization to take advantage of new technologies. Our digital courses and live training sessions will help you upskill your talents to leverage disruptive technologies and methodologies, from blockchain to AI, from Design Thinking to Scrum.

Delivered in person or online.

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Learning Expeditions (LX)


Our Learning Expeditions are an intensive and highly curated experience. You will meet with transformative startups, leading venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, and research centers at UC Berkeley and Stanford. 

Can be conducted on-site or remotely.

LX in Silicon Valley and San Francisco
LX in New York City
LX in Los Angeles


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