These are strange times we are witnessing – a totally new situation.


We are specialists in acceleration and forward-movement, at Fabernovel. But this time, it is the opposite that is expected of us, as only confinement can ensure we break the contamination chains. And because confinement should by no means mean isolation, we came up with an idea: why don’t we turn this very new situation into an opportunity to share and learn together? Every day at noon, a time to learn and share.


We are a learning organization, with offices in all parts of the world. Every day, from 03:00 to 03:00 AM (PDT) we invite you all – collaborators, clients, friends and partners – to connect with one of our experts in Paris, Lyon, Lisbon, San Francisco, Shanghai, or Singapore via Zoom. A half-hour presentation to decipher and explore tomorrow’s winning models, followed by a Q&A.

What is the future of healthcare industry?

with Pierre Bouillier, Arielle Le Bail and Romain Champetier  (Axa Next)

New technologies are transforming the health care sector in various ways: increasing the number of doctors, empowering patients, accelerating R&D processes… Through an interview with Romain Champetier (Axa Next) and our specialist Arielle Le Bail, we invite you to discover some examples that are building the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

reCOVery – second session

moderated by BFM Business 

Several companies and business associations have come together to launch reCOVery, a collaborative initiative aimed at sharing ideas to relaunch the economy in a more sustainable, fairer and more resilient model.

In this second debate, we address the creation of sustainable technological and industrial sovereignty in France and post-COVID Europe. Topics such as relocation, new value chains and soft power will be discussed.

The debate will be moderated by BFM Business and will count with the participation of the main witnesses of the most advanced business communities on the themes of social and environmental responsibility.

Innovation at scale – Will APIs be the new machines of digital factories?

with Cyril Vart

With the digital revolution, new companies have emerged with a new customer-cencricity approach and are challenging the KPIs of traditional companies.

Apple, Amazon or Microsoft are examples of companies of the new economy. Glossier or Nike are examples of traditional companies that have reinvented themselves. Soon, all companies will have to follow these examples and create their own “software factory” and innovate at scale.

Cyril Vart will present the challenges and secrets to transform your company into a company that puts the customer at the center of its decisions using APIs.

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