Learning Expeditions

New York City

(on-site or remote)

Organizing a Learning Expedition (on-site or remote) in New York City is like thinking in fast forward mode. New York City’s tech industry is one of the fastest-growing of the region, and the NYC Tech ecosystem is changing rapidly.

It accounts for almost 13% of the total employment in the city, which makes it the third most valuable ecosystem in the world. Some particularly strong sectors are:


  • Ed-Tech and publishing
  • Insur-Tech
  • Finance

Some noteworthy acquisitions and IPOs of NYC:


  • Etsy (IPO 2015)
  • Trello (Acquired 2017)
  • Flatiron (Acquired 2018)
  • mongoDB (IPO 2017)


Fabernovel will work with you to design the program that best fits your needs. Our Learning Expeditions usually last from 3 to 5 days.



Educate the participants on the latest technology, trends, and players to consolidate their strategic vision


Meet with high-profile innovators and business leaders who shape the future of the industry

Get inspired

Build a strategic, long-term vision for your team and get back to work with a fresh perspective of the future

A Learning Expedition with FABERNOVEL follows a clear, proven methodology.

Having led 150+ Learning Expeditions at C-level, we have developed strong convictions about the best way to make your Learning Expedition an inspiring, productive, and enjoyable experience.


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