Learning Expeditions

Los Angeles

(on-site or remote)

Going on a learning expedition in Los Angeles will help you see through the most advanced initiatives in many industries. The LA tech ecosystem is at the forefront for entertainment, gaming, production, and video. Some examples of startups include Maker Studios, Oculus, Fullscreen, Riot Games, and Machinima. The city also has some notable social startups like Snapchat and Tinder.


Another strong sector is adtech, with The Trade Desk’s $1.1 billion IPO as well as Centerfield’s $156 million venture capital raise as indicators of the ecosystem’s strength. 


Other noteworthy companies based in LA are: SpaceX, World of Warcraft, Bird, and Dollar Shave Club. SpaceX alumni, in particular, have been boosting the entrepreneurial spirit of the region, as they’re creating new companies after having worked with the serial entrepreneur Elon Musk.


Fabernovel will work with you to design the program that best fits your needs. Our Learning Expeditions usually last from 3 to 5 days.



Educate the participants on the latest technology, trends, and players to consolidate their strategic vision


Meet with high-profile innovators and business leaders who shape the future of the industry

Get inspired

Build a strategic, long-term vision for your team and get back to work with a fresh perspective of the future

A Learning Expedition with FABERNOVEL follows a clear, proven methodology.

Having led 150+ Learning Expeditions at C-level, we have developed strong convictions about the best way to make your Learning Expedition an inspiring, productive, and enjoyable experience.


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