Anchoring the Digital Transformation for GROUPAMA – Insurance in Silicon Valley

We have been building and supporting GROUPAMA’s digital transformation with our team in San Francisco with a customized Innovation Outpost for the past 6 years. The objectives are to analyze new trends in the insurance industry, and to support Groupama business teams in their innovation projects.

The custom Innovation Outpost includes:


Watch reports are produced by keeping a finger on the pulse of different innovation ecosystems (Silicon Valley, China, etc.) and provide inspiration for digital transformation in insurance and related industries.


Strategic analysis are provided at group level and on-demand for business teams: How can revenue growth be obtained by becoming an ecosystem orchestrator? How do new players, such as Lemonade, impact and change the insurance landscape? Do non-linear pricing models bring more performance over generalized linear models?


Benchmarks to source the best potential partners or providers


Hands-on experience and creating conversations: Learning Expeditions in Silicon Valley and other ecosystems

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