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Carrefour, the world’s third-largest retailer, sent several of their Senior Executives from various core business lines to Silicon Valley for a whole week to meet with companies disrupting retail and e-commerce. The trip FABERNOVEL designed sought to tackle three of Carrefour’s current challenges: understanding how to best apply artificial intelligence to retail, implement a multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience and improve their employee engagement.

Certainly, the digital revolution is highly technical, but first and foremost, it represents a radical psychological shift in thinking. It is this that we must make evident to all.

George Plassat, ex-Carrefour CEO


FABERNOVEL team shaped an intense program of 5 to 6 daily visits throughout Silicon Valley that showcased innovative solutions in AI, the customer journey and employee engagement. From early-stage startups, to dynamic venture capital firms and larger, publicly traded companies, Carrefour participants met with a plethora of entrepreneurs and inspiring people. FABERNOVEL’s in-house experts helped Carrefour participants better understand the technology and trends emerging from Silicon Valley, to have a more coherent and successful medium to long-term innovation strategy.


Capitalizing on their Learning Expedition in the Bay Area, participants took part in a Debriefing session, highlighting some of the key takeaways from their trip. Though their time in the Bay was critical to their learning, the Expedition really begins back in France, as they apply new methodologies, tools and processes with their teams.

Carrefour has followed up with various companies to launch pilot projects and proof-of-concepts, and are developing a robust artificial intelligence roadmap in line with their digital strategy.

In the last two years, Carrefour extended the program to additional participants to make this experience beneficial for as many people as possible within the Group.

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