Workshop Cadence

The Cadence Toolkit is built to help you imagine solutions that answer a market need based on design thinking principles.

What is Cadence for?


  • Quickly prototype an idea for the first time.
  • Imagine a user-centric product or service.
  • Collaborate in a project mode.




Download it for free here

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Plan a workshop to familiarize your teams with how to use Cadence (duration: 1 or 2 days, in teams of 4 to 7 participants, depending on the desired prototype)

What are some of the learning materials included in the Cadence Canvas workshop?

Welcome guide


A global guide detailing the objectives of the workshop, the steps, the necessary material and the logistics for a smooth and productive workshop.

Instruction cards

At each step of the method, there are instructions and recommendations to understand which cards and tools to use, how to complete the Canvas, and an example to help.

Inspiration cards


Designed to illustrate and provide examples to facilitate the exercise.


A guide of the mentioned terms necessary to complete this workshop.

What I will remember from this session is the fact that our colleagues have experienced the power of collective intelligence, working with a multidisciplinary team, the advantage of doing user interviews to create a user centric solution, and the necessity to test and iterate during all phases of the project. After the session, our colleagues wish to put it into practice either by getting a second even more technical Design Thinking session or by putting the learning to the test with an Orange business use case.

Emilie Garnier
Head Of Orange France Design Thinking skill center


Trained employees


Facilitated workshops


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